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Also Available  for Sony

DFL500T  Multi mode,Produce stroboscopic effect of multiple exposures. When the body of the fast moving, this feature is very useful.

  • Support high-speed synchronous flash FVLock /FELLock,second-curtain sync,FEB,Red-eye reduction flash mode。
  • Wireless flash system In this mode, the remote control the flash can be divided into three groups, separately set up in each group and the main.
  • Auto focus  assist illuminator If there is no enough light, this feature helps you to auto focus flash photography.
  • TTL Flash mode:When the DFT500T  flash a series of supervisory fire, camera by detecting the subject reflected light, control of DFT-500T flash output, DFL-500T flash of light will be to correct exposure of the body, and less affected by ambient light exposure
  • Support the S1 and S2 Wireless Optical Trigger Flash.